Kulturen Urkunden Ursprunget och upphovsrätten kungabloggen


Jag har efter seriösa överläggningar med mina låtsaskompisar och andra kommit på att jag ska byta mitt namn, det blev inte som i rubriken på grund av att kasinoföretagen köpte mitt nya namn och lät tatuera min regnbågshinna med adressen så att jag alltid hittar hem.

Nu ska jag bli som mina idoleroch kan jag inte bli som dem så kan jag i varje fall stödja dem. Men men, vi är alla bså bizzy , duktiga och sommaren är varm. så vem fan bryr sig egentligen…

  • Brain glue can be good to – Glia GDNF
    News from the frontiers of brain science the brain-glue glia is useful. Since just the majority of the cells in your brain is glia cells there might be somewhat useful information to know that the glia is not just about gluing the brain together, glia actually has a very important function to. But the fact
  • Is Schizopherenia caused by a substance or lack of a substance
    1 To little or to much of a substance? Some of the theories of Schizophrenia etiology mention the drug induced hallucinations as a raw-model for Schizophrenia but there is a problem with that – Persons with Schizophrenia doesn’t have these substances in their blood while hallucinating. Some drugs and some medicines might create states that remind […]
  • Haldol – The fastest way to a smaller brain: Questions
    Continued from the fastest way to a smaller brain I Question about Haloperidol The main effects of Haldol is probably the blockade of the Dopamine-2 receptor (D2) Haldol is pretty effective in doing that and there is no daught about that, but in the long run Haldol up-regulates the D2 receptors (2). I can hardly
  • The fastest way to get a smaller brain
    If you don’t know how – then you are really stupid Many drugs have together with alcohol been said to destroy brain cells, or decrease the density. That could be true in some cases, but the fastest way to lose brain tissue and cells are not a narcotic drug, it is not alcohol, nor is […]
  • ADHD in Chinese
  • Why Concerta and just not Focalin?
    Flickr ADHD – ADD For reasons unknown to me, Concerta continues to be the main methylphenidate drug while it would in theory creates more adverse effects than the use of a pure d-methylphenidate formulation like the one used in Focalin. The theory behind that is the same as the theory and facts that makes Dexedrine
  • Proton: Do you Mind?
    Can pH control the brain? The easiest way to see this is probably to test the thesis from the endpoints. Let’s say that the cell volume of the brain to 40% consists of gill cells and that some of them have the capability to regulate pH in the brain, what will then happen if they […]


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